Is it worth completing the exam?

Of course it is. Don't listen to naysayers who under-value the certification. Those who claim they "know java" due to years of experience would score poorly on a mock exam. Ignore these people., because they are just anxious about doing the exam themselves. The certification will help with your resume, interviews, and your general programming knowledge. Another opinion: [http://javarevisited.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/does-java-certifications-like-scjp-ocjp-ocpjp-helps-carrer-job-interviews.html]

How long to prepare for the exam?

It depends on your prior knowledge and how many hours/days in a week you can spare for study. You will need two weeks of full-time study at a minimum, even for experienced programmers, if you want 80% or higher. Others may need several months. Set a firm date for your exam either way, so you are not tempted to put the exam and preparation off indefinitely (like I did for a few years!). Try this EPractize Labs Time Calculator

What's new for OCA version 8?



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